Bulgarian Communist HQ- Brutalism - article in Daily Mail

Another simply stunning piece of architecture.. really worth a look at.


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  1. I got to see the eastern 1/3 of Bulgaria last hot summer, with my ex. who partially grew up there. It made an impact on me. Not an all-over positive one.. A lot of corruption, prostitution and crumbling buildings among the few very new-rich "democrat´s". There was a payed election going on, and not much hope for the future. We have their men working abroad (also here in Sweden), making themselves new lives. Leaving old women and less gambling individuals in Bulgaria. Making it even poorer. Many make beginner´s misstakes, and take loans, to look successful, with new fancy gadgets.. I have some photos from my journey, in my blog. http://nystartvid40.blogspot.se/search/label/Bulgarien