MY HOME - update

Its been a while since I did an up-date on my home.. Kitchen is more or less there now, with new door, new brick wallpaper and lighting etc. Bedrooms are almost there too. Just have to get a runner for the stairs and then new flooring for the living room and I will be pretty happy with the house. Outside some paving from the back-garden and think that will be it. Would love to know what you think of it so far...


  1. Really love the mix of old and new that you have. I especially love the armchair in the bedroom, gorgeous colours. You may be interested in my latest blog post, being a fellow West Yorkshire inhabitant... - if you aren't already familiar with the Peter Womersley house in Farnley Tyas I suggest you check it out. We considered having it as a mid-century design museum but lack the expertise in that particular area to really do it justice.

  2. Great space with some really choice pieces.