Probably one of the most desired and collected is Merrow Associates. There is really very little known about them and over the years, I have tried to find out as much about them as possible. I have had people phone me who worked for them and had catalogues, but even they knew little. It was bespoke furniture, retailed in high-end furniture stores. Most of the items where produced on a limited run. The used teak and rosewood and chrome plated steel. with flat surfaces and very specific bolts. I think the company only exsisted for at the most 10-15 years. Probably closed due to cost of manufacturing their products.

Merrow Associates was started by Richard Young, who was a former Royal College of Art student; he later studied at the Royal Art Academy Copenhagen under Professor Old Wanscher. Richard was obsessed by quality and the kind of meticulous detailing typical of Scandinavian furniture of the 1950s. He uses beautifully finished glossy surfaces - a juxtaposition of wood, steel and also glass - as substitutes for patina and marquetry.

The main designers and owners of the company where
Percy Wyett, Peter Weeks or Peter Wyett

The rarest items I have come across it a sofa bed, one in leather and one in velvet with signature chrome legs price £1000 £1500, studio couches price £1000 -£2000, coffee tables £800 - £1500, dining tables and chairs £500 - £1500.

Dining Room Table and Chairs Pictures courtesy of IN MY ROOM

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  1. Mmm, that was so like furniture porn! I heart sideboards so much!! Very educational too though ;)