Becoming more and more popular and collected is Ernest Race.
Ernest Race achieved national acclaim during the 1950's with his unique, forward thinking furniture designs. The Antelope chair, featured at the Festival of Britain in 1951, reflected the spirit of the age. With it's slender steel rod frame and balled feet, the Antelope chair echoed the scientific progress of the era into molecular physics. Ernest Race's Antelope chair is considered a classic and furniture design and is highly sought after.

In 1954, Ernest Race was awarded the Gold Medal at the Milan Triennale (the Italian “temple” of design) for his BA3 chair, which was designed 9 years earlier. The BA3 dining chairs were, for ease of assembly and shipping, made up of seven interchangeable parts. Initially made from sand-cast aluminium, and later made from die-cast aluminium, the BA3 chair was at the cutting edge of post-war design. Ernest Race excelled in a time when Scandinavian designers had seemingly cornered the market.

What makes his furniture enduring is that it was all about usability, which stands the test of time today. The Penguin Donkey and the Rocker are now both been re-released.

Prices vary.. but a rocker can fetch up to £250 - £500, Donkey £250 - £500, dining sets (£200 - £500) arm chairs £500

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  1. I've always wanted a Penguin Donkey... and how gorgeous is that first sofa!