Ok I have to get this off my chest, am I the only one who thinks her designs are crap and its just the same pattern over and over and over again.. talk about overuse.

Also I think her furniture is a disgrace... she has no original ideas, just this one pattern.. all her furniture is rip offs of classically designed mid-century modern furniture, how she gets away with it I do not know why!!!..

for example: above is orla's sideboard.. below is the one of the daddy's of danis sideboard's by Arne Vodder

here's some more spot orla's and then the originals....


  1. The backlash has definitely started. I like Orla's handbags (although I am so over that phase now. I have none of the original, tired stem print, either) but the same print over and over again on walls, chairs, sofas etc is just too much.

    You mght enjoy http://ifthelampshadefits.blogspot.com/2009/03/orla-kiely-haterade.html

  2. She's obviously going with the 'if ain't broke' theory! Just bought some of her wallpaper so I guess I can't really join the backlash though! ;) Loving the Arne Vodder sideboard :)

  3. It is a nice pattern and I do like it myself, but I am just so over her!!.. or maybe I am just abit jealous