Featured Designer OLE WANSCHER

Each week I will be featuring a designer, who is worth collecting. Today its a Danish Grand Master.
Ole Wanscher

Ole Wanscher b.1903 d.1985, a student and follower of Kaare Klint, was noted for his strong influence of classic forms in furniture design, redeveloping these themes for modern times and means.

Wanscher designed a number of elegant pieces in traditional materials with a modernism influence of designing affordable furniture for the people. Wanscher also produced several luxury designs in limited editions. Wanscher studied furniture design on trips through Egypt and Europe with his father who was researching the history of fine arts.

My Favourite of his is the colonial chairs and The Rocker for France and Sons. I have a brown velvet one coming into my shop in the next couple of days.!


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  2. The mysterious deleted post - LOL! Just wanted to say how fab your blog is, MG, but PLEASE don't tell me you have an OW rocker coming in...my poor heart can't take it...!!!

  3. ooooh what did the deleted post say????... I love the stool to mel, but they usually go for muchus spenny.

  4. Those rockers are lovely... think I would too scared to sit on it if I had one though ;)