One of the many Ercol classics, it has been a favourite on ebay now for a couple of years. Ercol who are now well and trully on the pulse have reissued it. Twentytwentyone sell the from between £1685.00 - £1970.

Of course you can always by vintage or reconditioned ones of ebay or specialist sellers from between £350 - £1000.

Designed by Lucian Ercolani, the Studio Couch was first introduced in the late 1950s. It was designed to function both as a large sofa and an occasional single bed for guests. It features characteristic steam bent arms and is made from solid elm and beech in our Buckinghamshire factory. It is available in a choice of over one hundred different fabrics.

In a recent interview with Architonic, respected British designer Matthew Hilton, known for the restraint and quality of his work, described Ercol as one of the very few good British furniture manufacturers around today. The fact that the heritage brand, equally known for the restraint and quality of its products, is held in such high regard can only be strengthened by the company’s decision to reissue its classic ‘Studio Couch’, which was first introduced in the late 1950s.


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