I started collecting these bowls when I bought one in a carboot once. The one I have in the kitchen is massive and is just so beautiful to look at. The range is called 'Northern Lights' and was designed for the glass firm Humppila. They came in clear, green, red and blue and in different sizes.

Tauno Wirkkala , died 2005, born in Finland, a brother of famous Tapio Wirkkala, is known as the versatile genius of design.

Humppila Glass is part of Iittala group.

Humppila Glass is conveniently situated on Route 2 in the middle of the picturesque Häme countryside. It is easy to stop off there on your way from Helsinki to Pori. For even the most rushed traveller, the efficient and well cared for Humppila Glass is the place to take a peep at the fascinating world of glass.

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