The Pieff furniture company is a well-renowned, family-run business which operated during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Based in Lye, in the Black Country area of the west Midlands, Mr Bates ran the company with his two sons, both designing and making modern timepieces which still look great today.

Pieff furniture was a very big company in the sixties. It described itself at that time as

"Luxury furniture of the late 20th Century, characterized by its original design, flowing lines and usual blending of striking materials. Now used loosely to describe any design which is ahead of its time"

One of their main and earliest collections was the Eleganza Chairs, of which we often have many in stock.

They are described as (by Pieff):

"A collection of peace loving chairs. Solid mirror chromed steel, classically matched with soft wool fabric cushions. Or leather. Or suede. Group Eleganza around the dining or conference table"

Another piece from Pieff is the Crown dining table, described as

"Through smoky circle of glass the Crown table reflects the shape of things to come in every gleaming mirrored panel"

Another Pieff piece is the Eleganza T.T described as:

"Style is a specialty of the house. Lustrous chrome columns support straight or gently bowed table tops of black or brown ash or beautifully grained rosewood. The choice is so tempting, maybe you should make room for all of them"

"The Pieff collection reflects a certain lifestyle. A privileged one we admit. But then, Pieff is very exclusive furniture. A fact which is recognised not just in Britain, but through-out the world. Our designers are as individual as the people who own them. And our originality can be seen in each addition to our collection. Inspired ideas bring together exciting shapes, contrasting materials, textures and tones. The results are classically simple in concept, utterly modern in execution. The designer's imagination is matched only by the craftsman's consummate skill. And to complement both, we ensure that everything that goes into making Pieff furniture is of the finest quality. The touch is unmistakable. Which is why it may suprise you to learn that not everybody is impressed with the Pieff collection. But, of course, not everybody can afford to be."
Sold in Harrods and Heals and other high end furniture shops it was seen as quite exclusive. The used high quality materials, Brazilian Rosewood, leather, chrome and pirelli webbing. It has a touch of Hollywood regency to it and compliments most modern decor. A true best of British and definitely an antique for the future. Ranges included Eleganza, Lisse, beta, Mandarin, Gamma, Edel, T.T

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  1. Pieff furniture is still made today. It was bought by PF Collections Limited in 1988 who now hold the trademark. The Eleganza and Lisse tables and chairs are still going strong. In fact the red leather Lisse and Eleganza's are new pictures taken from PF Collection's relaunch of the Lisse and Eleganza ranges. They can be found on