Christian Dell, Kaiser-Idell Bauhaus Lamp
circa 1930's
Fine & original Christian Dell Bauhaus desk lamp for Kaiser-Idell. This is model 6631 "Luxus". Black shade, chrome and black base, adjustable at the base and at the shade, labeled Kaiser-Idell on the shade.

Silversmith, designer and teacher. In the years from 1907-11 Christian Dell served his apprenticeship as a silversmith at the ”Sächsische Kunstgewerbeschule“ in Hanau. From 1912-13 he studied at the ”Sächsische Kunstgewerbeschule“ in Weimar under the leadership of Henry Van de Velde. 1922-25 he worked as a supervisor at the Metallwerkstatt Bauhaus Weimar. In 1926 Christian Dell was promoted to principal of the Metallwerkstatt at the ”Frankfurter Kunstschule”. Shortly after the National Socialists Party took over Germany in 1933 the Frankfurter Kunstschule was shut down and Christian Dell was dismissed. Christian Dell went into hiding, however, stayed in Germany. After the WW ll Christian Dell returned to his profession as silversmith. In 1948 he opened a jeweller's shop in Wiesbaden, which he successfully kept until 1955. Christian Dell then retired and lived a quiet life in Wiesbaden until his death in 1974. In the period from 1926-34 Christian Dell designed numerous lamps and recorded his biggest success, the famous KAISER idell, in cooperation with the lighting manufacturer Gebr. Kaiser & Co. in Neheim, Germany.

"idell" stands for the idea of Christian Dell, principal of the "Metallwerkstatt "in Weimar 1922 to 1925.
As Bauhaus designer Christian Dell became one of the leading characters behind the innovative and pioneering designs in the early 1930‘ies Bauhaus era. Dell’s influence was trend setting and visible in many designs throughout decades.
Christian Dell’ s KAISER idell series was and still is timeless. The series was produced throughout many years and its uniqueness is to compare with the German design icons: VW Beetle and Ferdinand Porsches model 911.
Christian Dell’s lamp designs are exhibited at the "Museum of Modern Art" in New York.


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